I posted before with my Sweetpea.. and since I have read each and every one of your posts. I keep kleenex handy because I shed tears for your losses and tears for your joy and love for your pets. I thank Mark Levin for this forum. ( hug to Mark)

My Sweetpea was preceded by Lucky. Her full name in the AKC file was LadyLuck but Lucky just stuck.

I got her at 12 weeks old and she was the absolute best puppy. She grew to be a kind sweet dog who loved everyone, and everyone loved her. Neighborhood kids would ring my bell and ask…can Lucky come out with us to play? She was my shadow… somehow always managed to be at my side. 24/7 she was with me as my work is at home.

She got cancer. Pancreatic. I don’t know how or why. She had surgery and they gave her two weeks to live and suggested I put her to sleep. I said NO. She lived happily for five more months until the Tuesday that was election day when I woke up to find her almost lifeless.

I took her to the vet. Lucky did not know me after all our years together. I asked the vet.. ‘ is it time’? She said yes. So I held her in my arms while the shot was administered. I walked out of there with a roll of paper towels used as Kleenex.. sobbing. Had to go directly to the polling place to vote. So I did. Sobbing like a fool with a paper towel and I didnt care what I looked like. I was in mourning. I told the election judge I had just had a death in the family. That is how much I loved her.
So, I will post this photo. It is small but one of Lucky looking up to the sky.

Linda from IL