Little Mixed Dog

When our girls were little, I saw this little mixed dog at the humane society. I bought him w/o thinking, and took him home. we all loved him. He was smart, with a spirit. But after 12 or so years, his eye sight failed, he did not feel well, and we decided to put him down. We chose the Saturday of a 3 week-end, a choice we would later regret. As always he got into the.car trusting us completely.

We got to the vet at the apointed hour. I took him in; he sniffed around the waiting room, while we waited. They called our name and our little dog disappeared. We had decided to bury him at home. So minutes later, they brought our little friend out in a box. I remember he was still warm.

We took him home and sadly buried him.
Then we had the 3 day week-end to replay the action we had taken. A sad day!

Bernie from WA