Her beautiful name was Lady. She was a beagle. We asked if we could have her brought out of her cage at the mall. She ran all over the pet store in circles and disrupted the whole store. We knew we had to have her. She was more than we could afford, Who cares, we boughtg her.. I was 30 when I bought my beautiful Lady, I grew old with her. Good times…. you bet. Then came the sad times, coming upstairs and finding her, at 14 years old, head in a corner, bleeding from the mouth and nose. I knew what I had to do. I took her to the vet and spent more money my family didn’t have to try and save her. I told my wife we didn’t have this sort of money to spend on the dog. Her response….Would you spend that kind of money on me, because she’s family just like me. Then came the drive to the vet. I knew what was next. I must say I was strong and brave I was not going to feel any emotion or cry. I had a job to do and I knew I was doing the right thing. As we were driving to the vet, she crawled over to me and put her head in my lap. She looked up at me with the trust she had shown in me for 14 years, thats when I started to lose it……we got to the vets and he came out and took my beautiful girl, my best friend out of my arms and walked thru these swinging doors….I was still doing O.K. then as the swinging doors opened….she looked back at me, for the last time. I was toast. Yes a big man can be brought to his knees with the look from an old friend. Especially the “last look” like “hey I’ll see you in a while, won’t I my master”


– Mark from CA