Mark, I found my little “Kobe” at a shelter …he was a little stray just 5 wks. old….I fell in love w/him when I laid eyes on him…..I couldn’t bring him home for 3 more weeks until he was neutered….the very first night I brought him home I put him in the bed with me and we fell asleep together with his little head nestled in my neck and his little pay across my upper chest…..I fell more in love with him and I knew we should be together. My mom had died 20 yrs before and the day I put my name in for him, was my Mother’s birthday…when I asked when he was born…they figured March 17th…that was my children’s other grandmother’s birthday….I knew I should have this dog.

Kobe was named after Kobe Bryant…(I’m in Calif. a big Laker’s fan) …little did I know when I got him in May of 2001 how much support and love he would give me as my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor started going down hill in 2005. I am a single Mom and work 3 jobs and I took off from all my jobs and moved up into a little pool house on my daughter and son-in-law’s property. Kobe was there for me every night after I helped get my daughter ready for bed….flossing and brushing her teeth, giving her foot rubs, trying to help with her headaches….and helping to take care of her two little boys. I cried every night and Kobe was waiting for me as I walked down the walkway to go to bed…..he licked my tears every time and gave me hugs by putting his paws on my shoulder and squeezing me. I would have never been able to get through this tragedy if it hadn’t been for Kobe giving me solace and comfort during the most difficult time of my life.

I took care of my daughter in her last 5 months of her life..she lost all ability to talk, then the use of her right arm, then the use of her right leg…Kobe was right there for me….there are no words to describe how bonded I am to Kobe. Now he is 6 1/2 yrs old and goes everywhere with me, camping, kayaking, jogging, snow skiing, in my RV, I take him to work w/me to help the handicapped children I work with.

He is the love of my life besides my son, my grandsons, my son-in-law, my friends, family and all the little children I teach.

Cindy from CA