Well, let me just say that in my opinion there is few nobeler a cause than adopting an “unwanted” pet. My dog’s name is “Kimber”(After the gun company)I adopted her 1 month before my mother died. if it was not for this loving sole with 4 legs I would not be here, I was never in my life more depressed. The sight of another living thing that depended on me for everything and asked nothing in return, but my company, and plenty of walks. In my mind if Jesus is siting to the right of god in heaventhen to the left of him is a happy, panting, tail wagging dog……DOG/GOD
Looking into the eye’s of these animals you see the lord.

Dan from AZ

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  1. Terry from Tulsa Says:

    I’m so glad God loved us enough to send us dogs.We humans have a lot to learn from the unconditional love of our canine companions.