An abused female, KiKi or Kia was rescued from an animal shelter in Alaska. Rocco, Jannine’s husband, was drawn to her because she sat stoically in a state of emaciation amid kennel chaos. She was least lovely of the crowd, but Rocco looked beyond a
sparse coat and bones which testified to abuse.

Kia was sociable. She daily walked a treat-filled visitation route through the neighborhood. Warren and Barb et al. lovingly contributed to an overweight problem. Eventually, Kia made her way to Nana’s house where she would struggle to pull her arthritic body up on Nana’s prized leather couch. There on cool leather, she would sigh and nap for the afternoon.

Kia was a brave soul. While out on an exercise run, a younger, larger dog attacked her; Kia’s mouth opened and she slammed the bigger dog down. Unperturbed, she continued her run. Old or young, outdoor noises summoned her attention.

Kia was tolerant about differences. She congenially howled with the family and Nana for poor choral imitations of the “cry of the wild. The “pack” misses her, and thanks God for her short life on earth.

Sydney from Alaska