It Reminds Me Of Jojo

I don’t have a photo of my dog at the moment, but anyway. I play the Levin show in Colorado Springs for 740 KVOR AM. So I hear about Sprite and I think its so sad. My friend/2nd family had a border collie/dalmation mixed named Jojo and every time I hear Mark Levin talk about his dog Sprite it reminds me of Jojo. My friend moved out of her exs house but had to move into an apartment so unfortunately she could not bring Jojo along with her, so she left Jojo with her ex. We went down occiasionally and saw Jojo and played video games, then her ex finally decided he didn’t want her. He took Jojo to the Humane Society and they told him that they couldn’t take Jojo because she was too attached to the family unless he signed a waiver that they could put her to sleep, so he decided to look around places to adopt, they called Dream Works but they were full and they took her to 4 Paws but they wouldn’t take her because she was too attached and timid of strangers, so he took her back to the humane society and signed the waiver. I am very upset that there isn’t more that could have been done for this poor dog, she was put to sleep because she loved her family too much.

Amy From Colorado