I Miss Him Every Day

I had always had cats and dogs growing up, never birds. I became a bird owner by accident and have not looked back since. It was a cockatiel and what a sweet smart little guy he was. I miss him every day and he died nearly 9 years ago! He would have full blown conversations with me and know how to mimic all the little sounds and creaks in my apartment. I have since aquired a few more ‘tiels and a beautiful African Grey parrot whose intellegence and loving ways never cease to amaze me. She will live to be at least 50 (she’s only 8 right now) and as the years pass she just gets smarter and smarter. I take her out weekly to meet new people and to help educate them on the wonders of God’s creation and how incredible she, and all birds, are. Thank you for letting us share our stories, pets are truely a wonderful blessing!

Andrea From Hawaii