I Fell In Love Immediately

One morning in 2001, I woke up and my hubby wasn’t there so I called his cell and he said that “you might get mad at me but I’m at the humane society.” I quickly shouted…”Come get me now!” Well he did and he had his eye on this little 2 yr old Boston Terrier/Jack Russel mix named Spencer. I fell in love immediately. We were lucky because 4 other families were wanting him as well but we adopted him. He slept between my legs and feet every night and cuddled with daddy(my hubby) as well. We would snuggle on the couch and watch movies together all the time for he loved to be indoors because here in Minnesota, winters are not your best friend.

Then we had kids. He seemed jealous at first but he adjusted well and loved them very much. He was very protective of our 1st born since he new him well. October 6, 2006 my 2nd son was born and around the same time, Spencer seemd different. He was loosing weight and wasn’t eating right. Then the next week he would seem fine. It kept going back and forth like this for many weeks. Vets said it could have been a flu bug. Well on October 29th, I lost my grandma. That was really hard on me and my family. We were really close to her and so was Spencer. Him and her dog Sassy would fight to see who got to sit in grandma’s lap. Funny!

Anyway, I was trying to deal and grieve with that whole mess I didn’t stop to think how Spencer was doing. Now remember…..I have a newborn and toddler with a grandma that just died. I normally wouldn’t let this slide. Well Wed.Nov. 11 2006 we were eating supper and he normally is beggin’ for food but he was laying in the corner like he has been lately. We were eating meatballs so I tried to give him some. All he sis was licked it and walked away. I knew something was really wrong so I told my hubby to take him to the vet the very next day. Well normally Spencer would sleep with us but the last few nights he laid on the floor next to the bed. Before my hubby left for the vet, he let Spencer out to go potty and he wouldn’t go. He was so weak that my hubby had to carry him.

Then back in the house, Spencer tried to get up a had a really bad accident on the floor which(not to be graphic)had blood in it. Really scarey. He got him to the vet and they did the best they could. They gave him fluids and ran tests. All we knew is that he had kidney failure and we don’t know why. I felt so bad seeing him there. I felt guilty and respondsible that I didn’t help him sooner. All I could do is cry cry cry. Well the vet told us that if he didn’t inprove by Say the 14th, we would have to make a choice. Thankfully in a bittersweet way, Friday the 13th(ironic) in the evening, Spencer chose for us and passed away. We miss him so very much and to this day I still feel very bad that I didn’t get him the help he needed sooner.

We have another dog now named Lucy. She’s a Boxer. We got her as a 6wk old pup. She’s wonderful but she’ll never compare so Spencer. As my 3yr old always says that “Bubba is in heaven on Grandma Peggy’s lap”. He’ll always be in our hearts and is missed so much. I want to thank him for the good times and for being a part of our lives.