Hitch came into my life between the deaths of both Chelsea (11 yrs) – a basset/beagle mix and Boris (9 yrs).- a purebread basset hound. Chelsea collapsed from an arrythmic heart and Boris was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Grief was compounded by the loss of both of them within two weeks of one another in early 2003.
It would be an easy task to dwell on the misery I faced during that time, but Hitch coming along when he did, has truly been a godsend.

Guiding me through a morass of self-loathing and guilt, he set me out on a course of physical well-being, responsibiltiy & patience. His unflagging demonstrations of understanding and amusement (and there is plenty of the latter), make him an essential in my life.

Even though he’s 4 years old now, he’s every bit as spirited and clownish as ever. Just imagine him paddling down the street with a big tree limb in his mouth, with all the pride of a conquering hero. Yes, Hitch has everything going for him (& me): perfect temperament, keen perception, a 100% cute factor and incredible tri-color markings all over
his back. In fact, he was originally nicknamed “Holstein”

I read a comment a while ago that said it in the best way possible: “Dogs give you the first inkling that there IS a Heaven” But then I see it in Hitch’s eyes every day. I’ve obviously put in my order for ‘Rescuing Sprite’ and I know it will have the staying power necessary to be at the top of the bestseller lists for months to come.

Kent from Minnesota