Hazel was a wonderful Airedale. She came to our house when her breeders were unable to sell her. As a puppy she immediately received the love of two children age 15 and 17. She returned that love to the whole family never failing to enthusiastically greet the children coming home from school, father returning from a business trip or mother bringing in the groceries. Her gentle nature however did not restrain or hinder her duty to guard her family.

One night around 2AM she barked viciously waking everyone, alerting all to a stranger trying to get into her house. It was the police that finally ended the affair but it was Hazel who provided the warning to restrain the intruder. Her gentle nature however was her supreme characteristic. Typical was the day dad was mowing the lawn; the grass was thick and high. Hazel ever diligent ran ahead of the belching mower always at a respectable distance. Suddenly she stopped, lowered her large mouth into the grass and dashed toward the moving mower.

Immediately father stopped the mower and approached the Airedale. In her mouth she gently held an injured bird and when she knew full attention was directed to her she gently placed the bird at the feet of her master. She had saved a life, for the bird was put into a box safe from predators to fly away after a day of recuperation. In her last years Hazel although not so nimble or spry, the years had begun to take their toll. Yet sister had married and given birth to the parent’s first grandchild. As a working mother and full time professor at a major university baby care was a necessity. So each morning when mother went off to train future engineers she deposited the sleeping infant in a crib.

It was usually around 6AM that the little sleeping package was delivered. Hazel would then awake, leave the dog bed in her master’s room and place herself next to the crib with it’s sleeping infant. Once the baby began to stir Hazel with her large head would gaze upon the little life. Once the crying began singling a desire for a bottle, Hazel as if duty bound awoke the sleeping grandparents to their duty. She was a beautiful, devoted, gentle and faithful friend to three generations of the family.

– Albert from NJ