My best friend was named Hawkeye. I had to put him to sleep in November of 1999. He was 19 years old. Needless to say, my family and I were blessed to have Hawkeye for all those wonderful years. He certainly gave us unconditional love and attention, the kind of which can never be replaced. He did become my dog, my shadow as the years passed.
When I had Hawkeye put to sleep, it was very difficult. I could not witness it. The veterinarian tended to that in my behalf. My father (who has since passed) was my best of all friends and was very supportive of me. I decided to purchase a plot at Hinsdale animal cemetery in Hinsdale, Illinois. I have a nice monument with a picture of Hawkeye on it. I also have pictures of Kinki and Lucky (two other dogs that were our pets in the past years) on the monument. I have nice evergreens on each side of the monument.
These dogs will always have a special place in my heart.
God bless you Mark. You truly are a great American!

Joe from IL

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  1. Tatum Says:

    This is a beautiful German Shepard. Easy to see why you Loved Him. My family had a Dog that look like Hawkeye. Her name was Dutches. She was a good Mouser and would lay on the kitchen floor with one eye open. The Mice didn’t stand a chance. We didn’t need a cat. I Love all the Animals. You have a Truly Wonderful Story.