Goodbye to a Friend

We lost our most trusted guardian part border collie Howie nearly 2 months ago. While the pain still lingers, my wife Sandy eased our pain in her blog posting :

Goodbye to a Friend

Howie, my boy, right now I’m sure you’re comfortably ensconced on that big hill under a spreading shade tree in Heaven, waiting for us to join you. I certainly can’t say I begrudge you your new home, you deserve it. If Heaven is what I think it is you’ll find lots of raccoons and deer to pester, and no one will constantly wag a finger at you and tell you that you’re too fat or too cranky, or too rough with the little dogs. In your new home you’ll be able to be outside as much as you want and it won’t be too hot or too cold. You won’t shed and you won’t have to deal with that dang arthritis in your leg. But I’m sure you’ll miss your babies, and they’ll miss you too. They’ll miss the way you made your girly noises at them and threw yourself to the ground so they could climb on you. They’ll miss the way you used to hit them with a squeaky toy to try to entice them to play. They’ll miss your sweet kisses.

As for your human family. We’ll certainly miss your incredible beauty, your hard won moments of affection, your determined guarding of our home. We’ll miss the way you greeted us so happily every time we returned home, and the way you stood as a proud sentinel over our precious piece of the world. We’ll miss your beautiful golden eyes, so full of expression, and yes, even your cranky times, when it seemed you just wanted us all to leave you alone.

We have lost much with your passing. You died much to soon. But we’ll try to concentrate on what you’ve gained and be happy for you. Now you have a new job. Your venue has changed, but we would still ask that you continue to watch over us and keep us safe. And save us a warm spot next to the tree, for when we finally come to join you.

Goodbye, Howie. We love you.

Thanks for letting me share our pain in hopes we comfort one another.

Bob from IN