My best friend’s name is Gonzo. He’s named after Ted Nugent, because this little guy is CRAZY! A friend found him along a busy highway in his neighborhood while on his way to work one morning. He posted signs with pictures, called the pound to see if anyone was looking for him and drove around all weekend talking to neighbors to see if someone was missing a dog. After trying his best to find the dogs home, he asked me to adopt Gonzo since a new baby and a new dog would be too much to handle. I was reluctant at first, but I took Gonzo into my home and have never had a better friend! He’s always glad to see me, he will fetch a toy or play chase on a whim, and I can play with other friends dogs and he doesn’t get jealous. Too bad I can’t find a woman like Gonzo, but without the hair all over her body! There’s no better friend than a good dog, and I don’t know what I would do without Gonzo in my life.

Tom from Texas