7 years ago, I adopted a chihuahua/dachshund mix named Goldie. I had her for about 5 years then 2 years ago, I lost her due to cancer. She was given a chance to go through surgery and I decided to give her a shot. My boyfriend dropped her off in the morning and about noon time, he got the call that it wasn’t looking good. He told the vet to not wake her up and let her sleep peacefully. It was the most difficult time for my boyfriend and I to go through.

With an emptiness in our hearts, a month later, we looked around to adopt a new dog. Instead, we found a little 3 month old Yorkie. We immediately fell in love with her. We named her Belle and she’s the most appreciative, loving, sweet dog we could ask for. She’s a spoiled rotten little princess and our best friend. With a face like that, how can anyone resist her?

Diana from CA