My story is about my cat Fuzzy. I love him so much.

We went to Denver for the weekend. My friend came over while we were gone to feed the dogs and Fuzzy. When we got home from Denver Fuzzy was no where to be found. He had apparently got outside somehow. He has been neutered and declawed so I didn’t know how he’d defend himself or find something to eat. I was so distraught. I checked the animal shelter everyday, put an ad in the newspaper everything I could think of to find him. I was just sick with worry.
Well two weeks passed and no sign of Fuzzy. Then one Saturday night my son and I were watching movies and it was about 2 AM. I thouht I heard a noise so I looked out on the deck. I didn’t see anything. Then I thought again I heard something so I actually walked outside this time and there was Fuzzy. He was thinner but he was clean. I have never been so happy to see a pet in my life. I’ve kept a close eye on him since then. He has not gotten outside again unless someone goes with him. I do love Fuzzy.

Carol from SD