10 years ago I couldn’t have written this story, because although I wasn’t a dog hater I thought that anyone who treated dogs like people or thought dogs went heaven were crazy. I worked as a director at a assisted living home. The manager decided it would be great idea if the home adopted a dog from a shelter for the elderly residents to befriend and pet. Since everyone else on the staff already had a pet, I was asked if I would take the dog to my house at night and on the weekends since that was the agreement with the shelter.

Wanting to make a good impression I told my boss, SURE. As soon as I got EDDY (a lab-newfoundland mix who weighs 100 lbs) into my car I had a talk with him. I told him if he ever had a accident in my house or chewed anything up he was going back, and it seemed that he understood. The arrangement really worked well, and my son & I really became attached to our new member of the family.About six months later a new manager took over and downsized my job so I was eliminated from the staff. She told me I had to leave Eddy there and they would take care of him. I was heartbroken, and soon learned they were locking Eddy in basement every night and leaving him outside for hours wihout food or water.

To make a long story short, I called the shelter about two weeks later and told them what happened. They were furious, and asked me if I wanted him. They told me to go and take him since they violated the contract. Not too easy since it was a secured building. On Saturday night that week I walked in there and told the receptionist I was taking Eddy. She said she wouldn’t let out. I said if you don’t I’ll call the police. She did, and 8 1/2 years later Eddy has been my best loyal friend. By the way they called the police and told them I stole the dog. When they found out the whole story, they dropped the case and told me they wanted me to have the dog. Eddy is the sweetest dog, also a great protector. I do treat him like a person, and YES I expect to see hime in heaven

Patricia from MN