When I was quite young my family had a large G.S.D. named Duke. He was my friend, protector, and playmate. When he passed I was crushed. And we never got another. As I grew older I always wanted another Duke. Instead I got a Bruno who from over 25 litters had shown the most personality and above all chose me. He has been with me for Five years now. Traveled the country with me and has truly been my best friend. Bailey is my new addition who is now but one year old, and as you can see from the pics has personality and additude to spare. Along with Bruno being the perfect big brother. As I have no other family they have proven time and again to be best friends, constant companions, protecrors, and most important my family. Though I am parcial to G.S.D. I love dogs and can’t imagine how anyone could mistreat the wonderful gift we’ve been given in the form of the dog.

Dan from Ohio