I was so upset when you read the article about horses being tortured as they’re slaughtered in Mexico. I wrote to my senators and representative (all liberals, including Her Thighness) encouraging them to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. I also got friends and relatives here and in other states to contact their elected officials. I find it interesting, and disgusting, that we’re so worried about the caribou in Alaska, but not doing anything about what’s happening to American horses in Mexico.

The love of my life is a six year old yellow Labrador named Cygni. She is truly the center of my universe. I think one of the reasons she’s so important to me is because we got her a few weeks after 9/11. I’m one of the most patriotic people you’ll ever meet and she helped me focus on something besides what was happening to our country. I’ve already been worrying for years about the day she won’t be with me.
Mark, I love your show. I have even more respect and admiration for you now that I know you’re a fellow animal lover. And yes, especially dogs. I’m looking forward to the book, although I suspect it will be heartbreaking. By the way, what a lovely wife you have.
Marianne  from NY