I am a dog lover, I grew up with dogs from the time I was age 4. All of them were and are very special to me. One of my dogs was “Cricket”, a Manchester Terrier I had for 14 years. My brother and his fiance brought her to my family about a week after my dog Buster was killed. At first I resented her, I wanted Buster back. But gradually the little dog with the active tongue won my heart. I think of so much she helped me through. Losing my brother to cancer when he was 30..she helped me cope. I can remember taking her fishing and her barking at every single fish. Through numerous heartaches, bad days and blue moods she was there. I moved away for a few months and missed her very much. I came back and brought her a friend I rescued from the pound in Ohio, Her name is Rusti. I got married and moved back to South Carolina, where my wife and I got our own dog, Lily. It was such a joy to bring her over and play with the dogs at my parents house. Cricket was Lily’s idol, and they looked just alike. Sadly, almost 14 years to the day we got her, she started having seizures and never was the same. She passed away on Father’s Day 2005, my first fathers day as a dad. I miss her, but I know she lives on in my other dogs, and will live on in other dogs I will own in my life. I believe dogs never die, they just transform their spirit into other dogs, who continue to give the unconditional love that we all should emulate.
ps-I have attached a picure of the girls during a doggie get together at my house in 2003. From left to right, Cricket, Rusti, and Lily

God Bless!

Scott from SC