This was my guy, Coty. I got him from a shelter when I lived alone for the first time. He had been abused when I adopted him at about 4months of age. I should say rather, that he adopted me. My guy was a rot-terrier-germ shep-beagle mix. He was rough and tumble when we played, but the sweetest, most caring dog around children and our seasoned citizens. He gave a lonely guy like myself a reason to smile everyday. I never realized how miserable I truly was until I found him. We went on to meet my current wife, and we have 2 little girls (3 and 8 mos). He died 2 summers ago when my wife and our 1 daughter (only had 1 at the time) were out of town. We’d usually take him to the in-laws as they have a pool he loved to use. He and I stayed back because I was studying for law school. It’s true that they do go off to be alone when they die. He walked further into the backyard than he had ever gone.

All the way to the back fence. When I looked out into the yard, I noticed him laying there. I thought it strange, but when i approached to see if he wanted to play…well, you can imagine the rest. I thank God that my wife and daughter were not home for that scene. he had a number of complications from the many breeds he genetically encompassed. Anyhow, this guy was the most unique looking, softest tempered dog I have ever seen. We jogged together, watched TV together, and were attached at the hip, partners in crime if you will. I saved him from being put down when I adopted him…but I suspect he knows I was the one who was truly saved. Can’t wait for the book this Nov. (if I can find time between case books). You’re my inspiration for many a thing in this world, and I thank you. Best of luck and life to you and your family.

Jeff from MI