Just before I was diagnosed with cancer we’d purchased a Briard male named Coolidge. He was the wildest, most rambunctious puppy I’d ever had and my wife was concerned about having him around when I came home from the hospital. After 33 rounds of radiatiion, 3 rounds of chemo, and the loss of 32% of my body weight I was very weak. However, the wild and reckless puppy that we thought we’d never train would let me hold on to his back everyday and slowly lead me up the stairs so I could make it to bed without falling. He would lay at the foot of my bed until I wanted to get up then he would slowly and patiently walk me back down the stairs, with me holding onto his back all the way, to make sure I made it safely.

He was till wild and randy when he got the chance but he was always gentle and patient with me through my illness. Coolidge is still a great dog.

– Mark from VA