Constitution, The Culture and Dogs

Mark: I love your passion about the Constitution, the culture, and dogs.

I am 61 years old and I had three dogs as a child. I think about all of them to this day.

Dog 1: a chocolate brown Dachshund that I got on my birthday, Columbus Day. I named her Princess Nina Maria for an obvious reason. She died young of a brain problem and I was crushed.

Dog 2: Buzz, a black “lab” and my best friend. We had to give him up to my grandparents because there was not enough room on our property for him to be Buzz. He got hit by a truck. I was again crushed.

3. Nina 2nd: she lived a long life and was again a dachshund. It crushed me when she died of old age. She was such a great part of the family that she knew who the good guys were and who the good guys were not. I remember the night that she left a “calling card” in the shoe of one of the not-so-good guys in our family. It was a message that only she could send so well and we still talk about it today.

Love ya Levin.

Douglas from CA