Cairn Terrier Named Cindy


We had a cairn terrier named Cindy.  Remember Toto in Wizard of Oz, a cairn terrier?

Cindy was 16 1/2 years old when we faced the decision to put her down.

This was excruciatingly difficult. The day we decided it had to be done, I was going to be the strong one and lead the family in this most difficult task.  Looking at the vet, then looking at Cindy that last time, I found this so hard that it moved me to tears along with my wife and son.  I can’t describe how hard this was, but it had to be done as Cindy was practically blind, deaf, and health almost totally failing.  We had done everything possible to extend her life, we just couldn’t let go, but the time finally came to do it.

Cindy was with us when my son was 11 and for 16 1/2 years.  My son grew up with Cindy.   Cindy went everywhere with us and was truly part of the family.  We couldn’t imagine not having Cindy a home with us.

Thank you for discussing this.
Ron from VA