The stories you have shared lately have really helped me to get through an extremely difficult time. On October 11, 2007, my Flat Coated Retriever died suddenly. When I came home from work, I could tell that Buck was in serious trouble and I called the vet immediately. Somehow I got his 105 pound body into the back seat of my car and I rushed to the vet. They operated and took out his spleen. It had a tumor that had ruptured. He had lost half of his blood into his abdoment. It looked like he would make it and my spirits rose. They were wrong.

Buck was dead within 4 hours of the time I arrived home from work. He had never shown any symptoms of his illness until that moment that I walked into my home on that terrible afternoon. Buck was my best friend! Dog owners know what I mean when I say this. We had been through so much together. Buck’s owner had become my fiancee six years previously. Buck and I grieved together when my fiancee commited suicide three years ago. I wouldn’t have made it through such a horrible time in my life without Buck. He understood what I was going through and I would open up and share my pain, emotions, and confide everything to him. . When the pathology report came back and it confirmed that he had cancer, I was grateful that he didn’t have to linger or experience the cancer spreading to other organs God sent Buck to be a special “Angel” in my life and I’m confident that Buck is enjoying every moment now as he romps around Heaven with all the wonderful dogs who have passed before him. Thank God for our pets!

Linda from Florida