On Oct. 19, 2007 we had to put our cat, Booboo to sleep.
We had her for 20 years. I still expect to see her laying on the rug in the sun in front of the door. This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

Love you Mark…

Toni from IL

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  1. Tatum Says:

    Hi Toni,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. Some people think and say “It’s just an animal or it wasn’t your kid.” I grew up in St. Louis, but My Father had a farm; so many of the animals died. There is a big difference when your pet lives with you or it’s an out-side pet, but still waits for you.
    My Dog is my best friend. I’m disabled and Ruby is with me almost 100% of the time. The only time she isn’t is when I go to the Doctor. She likes to go for rides in the car like every other dog, but I can’t bring he to the Doctors. When I get home she is so happy. She licks me and runs around the house like it’s Christmas.
    I have lost so many pets I can’t count them all, but only a few who were my Friends like Boo Boo was to you. It’s really sad. I hope you try to remember the funny things your cat did. 20 years is a very long time.