In Oct. 2006 my wife and I took an 18yo male Chihuahua into our home. He was our daughter’s dog but they weren’t getting along. We loved the little guy but knew his days were numbered.One night I was in bed asleep. My wife came to the room in tears. “it’s Turbo” she said in tears. He was on a pillow shaking and struggling to breath. I held him on my lap for about an hour before the seizure passed and he slept. The next morning he was alert but couldn’t stand. I knew what we had to do. Can’t see keys for tears.

a couple months later we adopted Birdie, a beautiful fawn female. She is the opposite of Turbo. Shy but all Chi.
If you have heard that Chihuahuas are wild ankle biters you heard wrong. They are the most friendly, loving ,intelligent dogs going. Just be willing to turn your life over to them.

Jim From AZ