Best Friends

My parents loved and cared for animals all of their lives. They introduced us ( my older brother and younger sister) to animals from birth. We were raised with cats, dogs, fish and any wild animal that needed caring for with injuries received in the wild. My mom would nurse them back to health and we would release them with a few tears in our eyes, but we Knew it was for the best. Mark you would not believe me but my mom and dad fed every fish, raccoon, squirrel, duck, blue heron and small alligators in the RV park in Florida where they lived. The neighbors would come down at sunset to see at least 40 raccoons eating with each other in their yard. The squirrels would come up to you and take peanuts out of your pockets. My children loved going to see grandma and grandpa in Florida 4 to five times a year. I gave up owning animals 10 years ago. I had my heart broken too many times by losing my best friends to illnesses or old age. I still shed a tear now and then for their losses. Some of my childhood pets were the best and loyalist friends I had ever had. Mark I love your show and my God bless you for everything you do. Keep up the important work.

Sincerely yours,
Robert from NY