Hello Mark,

I work for Barnes and Noble at the Palisades Mall and jumped at the chance to help setup your book signing (I’m in the minority at the store, but I wore my home-made “Win with Levin” button with pride. I could tell by your warm personality in having my picture taken with you, that you had to be a dog person. We are after all, “compassionate Conservatives.”

I am on my 7th dog and lost my German Shepherd “Benny” over a year ago. He was 8 and I could tell something was up because of his slight moaning at night when he moved. Turns out he had some sort of leasion on his spine and one day at work I got a call from my mother that he was dragging his back legs in great pain. After some tough decisions about the cost and tough post operation (he would need to be held up with a sling while going out. My elderly mom would never have been able to do it and his quality of life wiould have been bad. So we went through the “decision.”

It took about 7 months to decied on another and I decided to go to The North Shore Animal League where I found a wonderful little brindle colored 2 month old with purple splotches on his tongue. He is my best friend and perfect for my mother and I at 32 pounds. Today is his first birthday.

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
— Will Rogers

Jeff  from NY