Beloved Little Maltese

I don’t know how to send a picture of our beloved little Maltese; simply picture in your mind’s eye THE sweetest and cutest little white, fluffy doggie that ever lived…. he died early, at the age of 5 1/2 of multiple melanoma… even though we have had many dogs over the years (we are 64) this little precious one somehow “connected” with our hearts and minds.. he was devoted to a fault; he understood a myriad of words and commands … always amazing us with his intelligence… I can’t tell you how much we miss our little Dexie – we cannot seem to bring ourselves to “replace” him, as he can NEVER! be replaced…. there is a painful void and cloud that seems to hang over our lives…. we are now beginning, however, to remember him with much more JOY than pain and this is a wonderful change….. I cannot WAIT to read “Sprite” — I have already placed on order one through Amazon and will be in Huntington on the 10th of Nov…. I can’t WAIT for that!!! Thank you for writing this book as I KNOW it will be a very important book for us….

Sincerely, Carol from New York