We adopted Belle from a working couple, both of whom had full-time jobs and had Belle in her cage all day long while they were at work. They were looking to place her in a home where she would have some freedom and not be left alone and caged all day long. My wife stays at home raising our 4 year old son so Belle was a good fit for our family. So, in March 2007 at the tender age of 1 year old, Belle became an official part of our family.

Belle is a Jack Russell terrier and I have never seen a dog with so much energy. Her favorite game is tug-of-war. As soon as I get home from work, Belle runs for one of her toys and begins barking to get my attention. An energetic game of tug of war then begins.

She has been a great companion to our family.

One of Belle’s other favorite pastimes is venturing on to our neighbor’s farm to play with their Jack Russell, which is 11 years old and doesn’t have the same level of energy that Belle has. After about an hour or so of chasing around the older dog, Belle will then triumphantly return home.

Jim from NJ