3 years ago, my then 19 year old daughter had a “Paris Hilton” attack and forced her boyfriend, Mike to buy her a chihuhua. We already had Peaches the cat. When I saw her walk in with this tiny little thing I said “WHY???”. She promised to take care of this dog, named Bella, and she took the little thing into her room. I had grown up with a boxer, had a german sherpherd and a collie.

I was NOT used to a dog that looked like a mouse. I shampooed the rug three days in a row so, Toni (my daughter) had to keep Bella in her room. I went out of my way to avoid this dog. Then one afternoon, I heard my mother’s voice say “Be nice to Bella” (God rest her soul) She meant it. So I started to “visit” Bella in Toni’s room. As the weeks went by, Toni was working and just too busy to care about Bella. She would call from work and say she had forgotten to give Bella her vitamins or to feed her. I could see Bella was going nowhere fast. So I started bringing her with me. I would feed her, clean up her messes, give her the vitamins.etc.etc. Bella was so thankful to have a friend in the house she was fast becoming attached to me, and I to her. I sang to her, I gave her the nickname “poopoopup” which I sometimes still call her. I took Bella everwhere with me. As she grew we walked in the park, all over the neighborhood, and Bella was becoming a celebrity. Everyone loved her. She’s a panderer to everyone on the street. The mailmen, kids, teenagers, people going to church services. She’s been in stores and there is a sub shop that especially loves to give Bella cold cuts. My family cannot understand this.

To them she’s Cujo..llolll….she guards my room and when she’s in the car, she guards it. She growls and barks at motorcycles because they sound like they are “growling at her”. I love this little dog. She is my friend, my confident, and I wouldn’t give her to anyone for anything. She just turned 3 yesterday (October26th). She didn’t know it was also Hillary Clinton’s birthday too. LOL…They (Bella and Hillary) would never get along. They are too much alike. They both pander. They both can “tell you what they think of you in not so nice terms” But Bella is a conservative. She’s loyal and I just love this little dog to pieces. By the way, Toni and Bella don’t get along too well. Toni is afraid of her.llolloll All’s well that ends well ..for Bella. Thanks for listening.

Carol from NJ