Baron II

Baron II was the ultimate dog, and lived up to the reputation of being Man’s best friend. He had a list of human friends a mile long. Dad never had trouble finding a sitter for Baron, his many friends loved to have him come visit for as long as he wanted to stay. As a young dog Baronooch would leap atop Dad’s double sided stockade fence and walk the perimeter of the yard balancing himself on the two by fours. He also learned to sing as he grew older, and would howl like a virtuoso whenever a siren would sound. Later in life Dad brought home Holly, a female English Springer Spaniel and she and the Big Guy became the best of friends, playing and sleeping together for many a day. Unfortunately, Father Time finally caught up with Baron and on May 15, 2003 he was called to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, where he patiently waits for Dad and Holly to join him again some day.
Paul From New Jersey