Bamber sits next to my bed every night. Well, her ashes do.
She was no different in my life though. She always sat by the door when I worked and would not move from her spot until I came home.

Bamber was born into time March 25th 1992. She left me one week short of her 15th birthday. She was then born into eternity. Without me. She was my soulmate who I never quite felt worthy of.
As I held her when she lay dying I sang her favorite song to her: A Pretty girl is like a melody. But this time she didn’t wag her tail.

She grew up watching over my children, she knew them as her babies. And my firstborn granddaughter. My husband taught Bamber how to protect them. Although it was quite natural to her being a German Shepard. She also was a big sister and mother to our Haley who was born into eternity in 1998. Oh did Bamber pine for her.
Bamber saw many pets come and go. She tolerated her brood with aplomb and care. Our cockatiel Star would ride on Amber’s back all around the house. Star’s first word was “Amber”. Star is not the same with Bamber being gone now. I’m not the same with Bamber being gone.

I grew up around dogs. And Bamber will most likely be the last for she is irreplaceable. I have cats. They are fun and lovable but the unconditional love and giving of Bamber is second to none.
My pictures of her are put away in storage. But my one earred droopy baby is always in my mind’s eye. I feel her nudge me at times as she always did to pick up my hand to rub her ear. This is one loss I will never recover from.

Piper from IL