Adoped A Greyhound

Hi Mark. I just love you and your show. We adoped a greyhound in February of this year. She’s been such a joy to me and my husband! She’s so beautiful and is so playful. I have never seen a dog that loves stuffed toys as much as her. Her name is Snow. When I started hearing stories about what they do to these beautiful, graceful dogs after they are no longer useful to the industry it just broke my heart. I knew I could only rescue one. I wanted to rescue them all!

Julie from Missouri

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  1. Diane from California Says:

    Greyhounds are so beautiful, aren’t they? I had a greyhound for four years. I got him from a breeder when he was four years old. She showed him for awhile but he was too big for her breeding program. He lived in a kennel for two years. The tip of his tail was bloody 6 inches down from smacking against the chain link when he wagged it, which he did all day long because he was such a lover. He couldn’t spend much time in the house. He just never got used to it at his age. But his favorite thing was to go to the barn with me twice a day. He never chased the horses, he never ran off. He was such a happy dog. I lost him to an unknown infection. He just collapsed in the yard one day and couldn’t move. I had to make the decision to put him down over the phone because he was in so much pain I couldn’t keep him waiting until I got there. The vet never did figure out what was wrong. I really wanted to adopt another dog from a racetrack rescue, but here they won’t let their dogs go unless they are going to be in the house all the time. You have to sign a contract that you will never let the dog off the leash outside, and you can’t have cats. You can’t have a dog on a horse ranch who can’t go outside without a leash. So I guess I’ll never own another greyhound, though I would have a houseful of them in a minute. I loved that dog. I’m really happy you were able to save one. God bless!