About a Bird

Although I have a dog – a wonderful german Shepard – Teddy – but this story is about a bird (or two).
In the Summer – sitting in the patio I noticed that some new birds must have moved in the backyard because I heard a lot of songs from at least 15 kinds – all beautiful. I look around – seeing no bird at all. Only I hear these georgous concert. Where are they hiding – I say. I took my camera and started to make a little film – just for registering the music. Then I saw a bird flying away – and the music also stopped. Well – what is that? I replayed the film – and saw that not one but two birds flying in a big “hush” away from the tree I filmed. Now I was really curious and started to watch a lot – and finally able to make still pictures also – one is attached. They were Mocking Birds! In New Jersey! I was so happy – they are amazing musicians. We discovered their nest too – seeing them flying in their fast hush way in and out of a shed-window – the nest was on a shelf in a woden bowl – neatly put together. We left them alone of course and just enjoyed the uniqe concerts day by day. But one day there was no more music – no bird – they all gone. They are not migrating birds – I still wonder where they have gone and miss them a lot.

P.S. Dear Mark I have preordered two copies of your book and will cherish it when come. I also cherish the time spending with you in the week-days evenings. God Bless you and all your loved ones! We need you.

Eva from NJ