I’ll admit right up front I may not belong here. That’s right, I’m a “cat person”. However, I love dogs as well and was greatly moved by clips I’ve readfrom Mark’s book. I know the wonderful feeling of saving a living being and the joy and heartbreak that comes with owning pets. As bad as the heartbreak can be, NOTHING can top the joy they bring you. I wrote a poem about my experiences rescuing cats, based on all the criticism I’ve received from many people who think I’m nuts. It may be about cats, but I hope you like it.

“Why I Do the Things I Do”

Very few people understand, why I do the things I do
But to me it’s just as natural, as breathing is to you

Why would I spend my last dollar to save a cat I just met today?
When nearly everybody else would turn and walk away

Why are my credit card bills so high, from taking stray cats to vets?
With the money I’ve spent I probably could buy his and hers Corvettes

Why would I spend my time, taking care of so many cats?
Why can’t I have only one or two, and just leave it at that?

Why do I spend so much money, feeding colonies of strays?
I do it because, just like people, cats need to eat every day

Why do I have my house divided, for those who can’t get along?
Why do I drain my cell phone batteries, playing a cat a song?

Why would I sit for 3 hours waiting, for cat to go in a trap?
I do it because it’s that cat’s only chance, to sit in a loving lap

I’ve spent many thousands of dollars, on cats that would never be mine
And the satisfaction it has brought me, is far too great to define

People who would spend thousands of dollars, on a 50 inch plasma TV
Think I’m nuts for spending that much on transfusions and surgery

Now money is nice, I got to admit, and I wish I that I had a lot more
And if I could win the lottery, I would save thousands more for sure

Now people may think that I’m crazy, to be honest I don’t care
I thank God for every innocent soul I’ve saved from a life of despair

Each and every one of them, has a God-given right to live
And whatever I have to offer them, I will very gladly give

Now I don’t go out searching for cats, that are hurt or in distress
But when one finds me, with a look that says “Help”, I can’t help but say “Yes”

So why do I do the things I do? I do them because I must
Those innocent cats, who’ve committed no crime, have nobody else to trust

People tell me that I can’t save them all, that’s a truth I can’t deny
But just because I can’t save them all, doesn’t mean that I won’t try

P.S.- I’ve enclosed a picture of one of my rescues, an outdoor cat who ate something toxic that destroyed her mouth and she couldn’t eat. We fed her through a tube in her nose for a while, and eventually had to put a permanent feeding tube in her stomach. Unfortunately, it got badly infected after a while and we had to put her to sleep. We had her home with us for 4 months and don’t regret one single second of the care we had to give her. We’ll never forget the happiness in her face when she would waddle across the room in her sweater (to cover the tube) to greet us. I’m sure our Baby is watching over us (and our 8 cats) every day.

George from NJ