3 Schnauzers

My husband and I adopted 3 schnauzers more than 4 years ago from a rescue group we help start. The 1st was a puppymill breeder, birthing more than 80 puppies in her 6 1/2 years of living in that motherland. Her feet had never touched the ground. It is heartwarming to watch her growth spurts but we constantly have to calm her shakes. Ah, so many fears. The master of the mill had to have been a reincarnated Hitler. Her story was published in one of the rescue magazines and she corresponds with other rescues like herself…. most had the same dammable lifestyles. The other 2 beautiful souls were merely discards from family owners who couldn’t take them on vacation or the owner had died. Thus, they ended up in the shelter with only hours of life left. I dread their last days with us and want your book to prepare us for what lies ahead. So I ordered 2 copies in case one became misplaced.

Things get lost in our house. Can’t imagine having to have one of my children “put to sleep.” Thanks for all the things you do for each of us. I know this space is for doggies and they truly need it. Do Democrats own dogs?
I don’t think so the way they behave towards mankind.

Anne from NC