This is what I wrote alittle over 2 years ago now


I carry sambo out to the yard to see if he has to go to the bathroom, and to just see him walking around the yard he once ran around. I know he won’t see me as he hasn’t been seeing things for a while.I place him down and he starts to stumble and walk across the yard. I sit on the ground on this cool summers night.I sit and lean up againt the shade watching sambo from across the yard remembering my bestest buddy had far better days, and then I think so have I. I look at the falling sun and see the stars. Then I feel something, I look down. There is sambo with his head in my lap.He stands there and just moves his head up and down.I am in shock you see as sambo hasn’t done that in about a year and half.He hasn’t been able to walk or see very well. But yet on this eve he sat with me with his head in my lap as to say things will be ok, or maybe just saying thanks.We sat there for what seemed like the entire night, but it was only a few short minutes.Then sambo walked away and stumbled away.He would return one more time, but he could not stand as well as he once had. Then it was time to head in and leave the stars behind. It was time for sambo you see to have his one last ice cream. I opened up a frosty paw, and sat on the floor.Along came sambo and with one hand I held the dixie cup sized ice cream to this mouth, and with the other I help keep his legs up so he could eat it. I was then able to rest his legs down, and for 15 minutes sambo ate and ate his last ice cream we me. You see once he would have taken this and ran off to eat this all by himself, a time which seemed like yeasterday, but a time we both knew was a lot longer then that.



We lost our beloved Beagle – Copper – in August. We adopted her when she was 4 and she lived eight wonderful years with us. She was such a huge part of our family. She shared the same vet as Sprite- Old Mill Vets in Leesburg. They took such wonderful care of her. We now have a beautiful Bichon but she can never take the place of Copper in our hearts. She has her own little corner in our hearts instead.


– Dawn from VA

Lover, The Cat

My Cat (Lover) was rescued with her brother & sisters from the swamps of South Carolina when I found her during military training in the early 90s and was my first pet after returning from Desert Storm. After returning home to Michigan and 8 years into her life she became Diabetic and I could barely afford the daily injections and tests, but I managed it somehow. At 14 years old she lost the fight with Diabetes and I have to believe that animals have some idea of heaven. As she was passing I held her to my chest and sat in her favorite chair by the window. With her last breath she gave a muffled meow, reached up and touched my chin, and then looked and reached up to the sky through the window as she left. I have no children so she was truly a loss of a family member.


– Joe from MI