Man’s most noble link to nature

“It’s just a dog”, I have heard them say. “Dogs are dumb”, I have heard them say.
Some fear any dog on sight, for reasons unknown to me.

Dogs take a bad rap far and wide, sadly. Yet, a dog gives man uncommon extensions of strength, devoted companionship without fail, and a literal replacement of man’s lost physical senses.

It is commonplace to hear the minimizing and debasement of the dog. At the same time, worldwide the commonplace standards are “guard dogs”, “dog teams”, and the benefit most taken for granted, the “seeing eye dog”.

Those terms are universal language, so why isn’t a dog given some reverence?

Certainly, while those terms hold a powerful standard, recognition must mirror it.

In all those cases, there are viable replacements, however, the dog is the rule.

For the “guard dog”, many other animals have been trained and used effectively, but which alternative remains at the protected one’s side as a devoted friend? Which alternative offers as much that is inherent in, or easily adapted by, a dog?

The most taken for granted natural gift to man is the dog’s natural instinct to become the eyes and ears of humans that have severely diminished or altogether lost vital senses. What “dumb” dog does that? Apparently, those who define a dog by belittling a superior God-given creature, are what is “dumb”, and do not know the concept of blindness or the miracle of sight without seeing.

I would not be without a dog in my life and family. Sadly, my best buddy Mac is approaching a destiny I cannot touch. Advancing blindness and weakening hearing have overcome him.

With all of that darkening his world, it becomes less and less possible to reach him without getting very close, and only in front of him, when merely a snap of the fingers from a far side around a corner of the house used to cause a charge.

With all of that, when I am in front of him and get his attention with a soft pet on his neck, my best buddy still leaps up in the same delightful frenzy he’s had for the entire fifteen or so years he has been with me.

He and I have no time for what’s “dumb”. For now, we are so alive.

John from CA