“Sam was a Dog”

Our dog passed on January 2nd, 2007. Here is what I wrote the following day. Thanks Mark.

“Sam was a Dog”

Not any ordinary dog. A special animal that had some tricks up his paws. He would walk on his hind legs across an entire Living Room floor. If he didn’t particularly like you he would do the Nasty on your leg. But with all that, deep down he was a Friend of Mine.

I met him one day on October 18th, 2000. He was a kind little Dog. His eyes were dark when you could see them through his furry hair.

In November of that year I moved to “Sam’s” house. He never barked at me, or did the Nasty on my Leg. He was cautious but friendly. And was not a bit nasty with me.

He loved to play with the other animals in “His House”. Would romp in the back yard like he was a puppy. Always told you when it was that time. To go out that is.

Would wait by the door at precisely the time his Mama was expected, and greeted her with jumps and sugars. Or kisses that he gave freely to those that he loved.

No; “Sam” was a Dog. But no ordinary Dog. A special breed that only once in a life time you would meet. And you would love him as soon as you saw him.

If a scuffle among the other animals broke out, Sam would stay his distance and ignore the ruffians.

And smart! You had to spell words or he would understand by giving you that turn of his head. “Like I know what you’re saying and I don’t like it”

His favorite words were Mommy and Cookie. He knew his Grand-parents too. Along with his human sisters and brothers. Sissy, Nathan and Derrick.

Yes “Sam” was very smart. Sometimes too smart. But when all was said and done.

“Sam was a Dog”.

I don’t know why “God” gave us such a wonderful creature. Maybe because if you spell “Dog” backwards it reads “God”. And “God” is all kind. And forgives and forgets your errors.

But “Sam” never forgot when it was time for dinner. He would wait patiently at your feet for a few scraps. And would eat as fast as he could just in case his cohorts were lurking about.

“Sam” would love to run out the door and into the street and made you chase him. But he wasn’t going to leave.

He just loved his freedom. He didn’t want to be tied up. Or wear a collar. Be walked on a leash. He was independent. But with being independent he still knew where Home was. It was with his Mother. I was just somebody he trusted, because he knew I loved his Mother.

For almost 6 years and 2 months I spent my life with him. And as angry as I may have gotten about his biting my toes, or shuffling in front of me in the dark. He always forgave me the next day for yelling at him.

You see “Sam” may have been a dog. But he was my best friend. He was everyone’s best friend.

So I say to you my friend “Sam”. Wherever Doggie Heaven is. It’s a far better place with you there. You will meet some old friends. And make new ones.

And someday if I am lucky, and if the Lord allows me into “My Heaven”. The Lord will let me visit you one time. Just one time to tell you “One More Time”. I love you.

“Sam” died on January 2nd, 2007 at around 10 P.M. in front of my eyes. And though I was very upset. I knew he had a wonderful life. And those that knew him had an even better life. Because they knew. “Sam the Dog” from West Virginia.

I love you “Sam”. And I miss you every day and hope you’re looking out for us. We need you now more then ever.

Your Friend and step Dad,
Bruce  from Florida