Meg’s Story

Our 14 year old golden retriever’s name is Shiloh’s Golden Nutmeg ‘n Irish Cream but we just call her “Meg”… or Meggie, Megster, Moogie, Pookie… well you get the picture. 

We so love this dog.  We bred her and her mom and a whole bunch of siblings.  We are true “Retriever Believers!”

Meg has had many health issues over the last several years all with what seems to be leading to an imminent death but dang if she doesn’t bounce back and once again become that playful, spontaneous, creative little play friend to our family.

What will we do without her?  Goldens don’t live forever do they?  We can’t think about it without becoming immediately wounded.  She loves us when we aren’t very lovable.  She cheers us when we are sad.  She comforts us when we feel alone.  We make every moment with this little member of our family a memory and treat/spoil her to all kinds of neat things.  We also tell her repeatedly she can never get in trouble anymore either so live it up! :D

So Sprite’s story is kindof Meg’s story.  We appreciate the opportunity to share her with The Great One and all his fans.

Kate from OR