“Multi-Cultural” Dog

Huey is my “multi-cultural” dog and is one of the best out there. I wouldn’t dare offend her by calling her a Mutt or a Mixed-Breed so I use the PC term “multi-cultural” very sarcastically. It usually gets a laugh after people ask me what kind of dog she is. She’s named after the helicopter as I brought her home from the animal shelter while I was waiting to learn to fly the UH-1 at Ft. Rucker in Alabama. “Apache” just wouldn’t work very well and I was already pushing it by naming a female dog “Huey.”

Being in the Army I obviously travel quite frequently. Huey knows very well that when I break out the suitcases that it means that I will be leaving…again. Her mood swings and she usually mopes around the house. This was apparent as I prepared to leave for Iraq last year. During the weeks and months leading up to our departure she was very much aware that something was not right and the mood around the house was somber.

When I would call home, my wife would put me on speaker phone to talk to our girls and Huey’s ear’s would perk up and she would listen intently. My wife would tell me this on the phone and it would brighten my day. It was also nice to know that I had a little canine buddy keeping watch over my wife and two girls while I was on the other side of the world.

I came home in July and seeing Huey’s little tail wag back and forth as fast as it could possible go was incredible. I couldn’t ask for a better dog.

Randy from Texas

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  1. Diane from California Says:

    Thank you for your service, Randy. I thank God you came home to your family, and your dog!