A Tribute to Mai Lee – April 25, 1985 – May 22, 2001

This note was written to pay tribute to a sweet little girl who never faltered and was part of out team here at our Financial Services office.. She trusted and loved you all. For all of this we honor her – we know she is now in God’s arms and we choose not to grieve for her because she has received the ultimate gift. But we will miss her forever………
Our Little Dog Mai has gone to Heaven
Our sweet little dog, Mai Lee, has gone to heaven today.
She was a sweet tempered little girl with a spirit bigger than all outdoors.
She was born on April 25, 1985, the smallest pup in a litter of 10. We always said she was a good eater because, being the smallest in the litter, she probably had to really scramble to get enough to eat.
She came to live with us in July, 1985 when we moved to our home in Santa Rosa.

She became a great traveler making her first trip to Tacoma, Washington to spend Thanksgiving with my sister Bonnie. Mai learned to “pee in the snow”
on that trip!! She always wanted to ride in the car, even for a quick trip to the mailbox and she loved traveling in the trailer.
She was never a barker, but would only bark if someone was approaching the front door. Maybe it was just her way of saying “Hi”.

When Mai first came to live with us we hung long strings of yarn with bells attached to them on all the doorknobs. She learned to ring the bells when she wanted to go out.
Her other big trick was doing “army dog”, crawling on her elbows with legs stretched behind her!!

Mai’s best friends on the street were Flash and Macho. They both preceded her to heaven where I am sure they are waiting for her.
When Mai was young we held lots of meetings here at the house. We would put Mai in a little netted “Barbie” tent so she could see everyone but couldn’t get under foot.

Mai had good health and was only challenged with teeth problems a few times but in her last year she developed a heart problem, and other than that was in good and happy health to the end.

About a year ago Mai closed her ears and we couldn’t talk to her any more, but she quickly learned doggie sign language so communication was never a problem for her.
One interesting note here – when we would take Mai out in the evening, she could noticeably hear other dogs barking in the neighborhood. It must have been a special sound only dogs could hear.

Mai always felt safe with her groomer, and at the Laguna Veterinary Hospital where everyone there cared for her. Her picture still hangs in their lobby.

In the past few weeks Mai began to have seizures, for what reason we are not sure, but in the last two days, she had several seizures that were very violent and we could not allow them to continue.
So, today, Mai is on her way to heaven where she will be with her sister, Giblet the cat and together they will be waiting for us. I am sure they will be letting us know if we passed the grade for being good pet owners.
Mai has been buried at a Pet Cemetery in Napa, California with her cat sister Giblet. She is survived by her cat brother, Guermo.

Note: When I awoke the following morning I saw a quick glimpse of God standing in the distance with Mai tucked under his arm. We knew she was safely home…

Don and Jan from CA.
It is noted 6 months later due to noticeable stress related problems, Guermo is still grieving her loss.